Miami's Prime Minister - Global Ambassador of Music & Culture
Old Orleans #France (at Orléans Cathedral)
CARIBBEAN MASSIVE UP! Rolling Stones asked me some questions about di general @bunjigarlin Check out his full interview (at Aereoporto Roma Fiumicino Terminal D2)
It’s been a humbling, hard worked, and most blessed 20 years in this business fully representing Caribbean culture! It’s all come together for me the last couple years, and I am honored to be considered a leader of this representation.  I have been asked by VICE/Noisey to host its documentary series, “Noisey Jamaica II” presented to you as a 6 part series. I ask for your full support in showing this to your friends, family or anyone who simply loves Reggae and Danccehall culture as much as I do! 

Thanks! Here’s the first Episode..
FC Barcelona vs Whocares. My first Champions League game #VALE (at Camp Nou)
Tapas, Paellas,  Sangrias,…I’m home #Barcelona. KER club tonight (at España!!! Barcelona)
Cleeeeeeeaaaan and bad #foreverfillingpieces @gsrnn @fillingpieces @ronniefieg @kithnyc crushing the game. Genuinely the best shoes out and have supported me and the crew since day one. Check em out (at Snelweg A4)
Not sure anymore, who’s knocking at my door..@dailypaper #2015winter/fall (at Waxx Amsterdam)
Sleepy town Deventer, Holland got real loud tonight. Photo by @giocatorimusic (at Deventer, Holland)
Get over there and wish my boys Happy 6 month Birthday @laoandleno  (at Deventer, Holland)
Have done one of these inna long time. Am I in your city? (at Hamburger Dom / St.Pauli)